10 Days course including Brainstorming Mock Sessions, One mock test £ 480 More info>
Includes 10 days Course, Two mock tests, PLAB Plus (Talking Manikin), 3 weeks of shared accommodation and Money Back Guarantee! £850 More info>

In the 1st weekend most of the clinical examinations, manikin stations, and some history and counselling stations are demonstrated. The second weekend is Brainstorming Mock Sessions and it covers history taking and counselling stations of various specialities. Two weekend course. This course is specially designed to suit the needs of candidates fettered by time constraints.

This course covers around 75% of the full 10 days course. The course fee is £390 + 40 (mock test). More info>


Sponsorship includes unlimited accommodation until you get job and full course two mock test and PLAB Plus

You pay £50 at the time of registration and £100 on arrival. The remaining balance of £2200 is paid in two instalments after securing a job in UK. If you do not pass or do not get job, you do not pay. More info>


Premier sponsorship includes includes additional benefits over and above the benefits you get in full sponsorship. This is a complete peace of mind service and we will take care of all aspects of your PLAB exam and Jobs. Please contact your local agents for this service


You can order the manual after booking the course and start your preparation.
It will depend on many factors like your availability and confidence. Minimum: You need at least 10 days to practice after the course. Maximum: 10 weeks before the exam. Ideal time:  Ideal time to take course is 4-6 weeks before the exam
Repeat the course for FREE: You can repeat the one week course as many times as you wish for FREE.




Day Morning (9 am – 1 pm) Afternoon (2 – 5 pm) Evening (5.30 – 8.30 pm)
Friday Registration Over view of PLAB exam
Saturday Primary and Secondary Survey Clinical Examinations Clinical Examinations
Sunday Manikins Manikins Clinical Examinations
Monday Group Practice  Manikin Practice Session Breaking Bad News
Tuesday Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery Management of non co-operative patient
Wednesday Mock Practice Session 1 Medicine Medicine
Thursday Mock Practice Session 2 Dose Calculation Psychiatry
Friday Brain Storming Mock Sessions Difficult counselling stations Includes managing unhappy patients
Saturday  Unusual history taking stations Difficult Counselling stations Difficult and new stations
Sunday Miscellaneous stations  Mock Test Feedback





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Month Full Course  Mock Test 1 Mock Test 2 PLAB PLUS Rapid Revision
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February  March April May July August
14 -23 28 Feb – 9 March 4 – 13  2 – 11 11 – 20 08 – 17 August
21- 30 18 -27 25 – 03 August 22 – 31 August



 money back Money Back Guarantee:PLAB Right has maintained consistent high pass rate. We will refund the course fees, if you do not pass in the first attempt. Accommodation charges, mock test fees and registration fees are non refundable. Only applies to candidates who has taken Three Week Stay and Study or Ultimate Package Course


14562992_s 24 Hour Access:PLAB Right is the only PLAB training institute that is open 24 hrs 7 days a week. Many would prefer to study in the early morning or late at night when it is quiet, peaceful and no distractions. It is also a fact that concentration and retention ability is best at these times. At PLAB Right you can study any time of the day.


17682355_s Residential Training Institute:PLAB Right is the only residential training institute for PLAB. All candidates stay and learn under one roof. This gives you best opportunity to do group study, get oriented to PLAB, learn from old students and discuss about PLAB exam at all times. No time and money is wasted in travel. It is safe and comfortable. No distractions. Biggest advantage is that you can take rest in your room when you want, and then concentrate on study. All these factors help our candidates pass the exam and for us to maintain over 90% pass rate.


7466256_s Premier Course:PLAB Right is a clear choice for PLAB 2 exam. This is a premier PLAB 2 course. We are the only course that is conducted by consultants who have been teaching for PLAB exams over 8 years. This is an opportunity for you to learn everything that is needed to pass PLAB exam and to kick start your medical career in UK. We are sure you will enjoy learning with us. The courses in big cities are crowded. The students who have just passed PLAB exam will teach other students. Enjoy personalised teaching by experts at PLAB Right.



Some courses claim that 85% of candidates attend their course and they have highest pass rate. If 85% of PLAB candidates attend one course, pass rate of that course will be close to that of GMC.

“My name is Dr. Umar Nazar Rathore and I am from Pakistan
my experience with PLAB RIGHT:  Well, it all started when I passed my PLAB 1, back in 2009 and booked PLAB 2 exam. I started wondering where I would go in UK. Where would I study and prepare for it and where would I live, million questions pooping in my head. One of my friends referred me to PLABRIGHT website, and as I was reading I saw full sponsorship and thought why not jump into it.
The next thing I was staying at PLAB RIGHT in Liverpool.
Overall, the environment the people working over there and people you meet there is an awesome experience.
Surya and his team is probably the best you’ll find, they are not just an institute rather a family, yes a family, and take my word for it. PLAB RIGHT is not just preparing you for PLAB 2 but if you have full sponsorship like I did, you can stay there until you get a job and you can ask Surya for any guidance regarding interviews or CV.  You can pay after getting the job in instalments.
I have no hesitation in recommending you PLAB RIGHT. You will learn and enjoy your stay. It is a home away from home.
Job well done to PLAB RIGHT, and hope you keep it that way.”
Dr. Umar Nazar Rathore,
“I am happy to inform that I have cleared plab2. My exam was on Dec 1st 2011. At this moment I want to wholeheartedly appreciate the Plabright team for the guidance and support rendered to me in achieving this feat. Sometimes preparing for exams can be stressful and the results may be unpredictable. Plabright is very unique in its approach in preparing the students for exams. The plab2 course at Plabright helps not only in tuning the clinical skill and knowledge but enhancing confidence and strength in the candidate. This makes preparation for plab2 exam less stressful and achieving a more predictable results. Helpful and caring nature of non-teaching staff at Plabright makes the training centre a friendlier place to stay and study. I wish the Plabright team every success in the further endeavours.  Warm regards, Keerthi  Sunder”
Keerthi Sunder,